Steve's love of music started at an early age. His mum tells the story of him thumping his arms & legs in time to music before he could crawl! At the age of 5 he started piano lessons which continued until age 13 (having reached grade 6) when Elvis & Roy Orbison persuaded him to dump the ivories in favour of a guitar (via a brief dalliance with French Horn).......& then came The Beatles & all interest in piano was lost. Amongst this was the discovery of his voice. Singing in the local church choir from age 7 & the school choral society (performing in Handel's Messiah, Faure's Requiem & others) gave him a passion for harmony.......then came the Beatles......followed by the discovery of the blues - Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy in particular.........& all was lost again! Steve has performed in bands since those heady days, usually as the singer, using his deep, dark voice to good effect. More recently in the Trowbridge, Bath & Bristol area (& further afield) he was a member of The Skeeters, The Critters & was the "chops" player & backing singer in Troy Ellis & The Longshots, a popular reggae band. He also has a band called The Saboteurs which features a certain Mike Knight....... On top of all this Steve does the odd gig in a duo with various guitar players (notably Steve Payne, Paul Hartshorn & our own Mike Knight), trios & basically anyone anytime anywhere..........& then Nasty Habits asked him to join as a replacement for Nige Lloyd when he left, & the 21-year-old rocker came out of the closet!!!