Mike's musical journey started when he was about 8-9 years old taking drumming lessons and learning to play in an orchestra doing stand up snare, bass drum and hand cymbals. He can remember always tapping out rhythms in school on his desk and constantly being told off for it. It was when the 'Beatles' first appeared on the scene that convinced him he needed to get behind a full size drum kit. His taste for music as a teenager went from the 'Beatles', 'Iron Butterfly', 'Led Zep.', 'Jimi Hendrix', 'Santana', 'Sly & the Family Stone,' 'Steppenwolf', 'Creedence Clearwater R.'. He even liked many of the soul artists at the time, 'The Temptations', 'Junior Walker & the All Stars', 'Booker T & the MG's', 'Smoky Robinson', 'James Brown'. Then gradually his taste for Blues music took centre stage, especially drawn to a more groove based feel in Blues music.

Mike experimented in different bands growing up in the States until he joined the military back in the Vietnam days. He was fortunate and got stationed in Southern Spain for 2 years. This was his first experience in European culture.

While living above a Spanish nightclub that went to all hours of the night with music, Mike and his naval friends had their own very popular hangout, with American and European musicians constantly passing through jamming to the wee hours of the morning. Once he finished his duty in Spain he decided to stay in Europe and explore the music scene over there.

He played in a band in Torremolinos, and then bought a VW van and travelled around Europe & Scandinavia. Eventually Mike found himself in Norway and got involved musically there for a spell. From that point he wanted to explore further East and took off with four friends in a small camper van driving from Holland all the way to India.

They busked all over the place to raise funds for the trip. Mike played a set of bongos at the time. They did a gig playing on the beach one Christmas in 'Goa' on a huge stage setup with generators piping in electricity for the sound and lights.

He ended up in Greece playing in a band 5 nights a week. They were making plans to go into the Arab Emirates to do the Hotel circuit but that never transpired. His claim to fame came during that time in Greece. Mike met ex 'Fleetwood Mac' slide guitarist Jeremy Spencer and did a few gigs with him plus a few recordings. It was while in Greece, Mike met his wife and once they started having children his musical career had to be put on the back burner due to family responsibilities.

Mike got back into playing music again about 11-12 years ago. His son, who also plays the drums, got him to go along to a jam session held locally and he loved it. He was asked to join a local blues band which he did and has now been playing regularly and enjoying it tremendously.

Some time later he decided to branch out and start something fresh with like-minded musicians. The plan was to put together a groove based Blues Rock band covering artists that aren't necessarily mainstream with an up-tempo feel to it, which is how 'Nasty Habits' came about.